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Creating a safer world for everyone

Engineering certainty in an uncertain world

As skilled engineers, we regularly audit old and obsolete systems that are undocumented and often non-compliant. Frequently we find the expertise involved in setting up original systems is no longer available – leading to significant difficulties in accurately specifying new design work.

This system blueprint is critical to success and achieving a specification so that prospective bidders can accurately and confidently submit proposals can be time-consuming. Unravelling where things have gone wrong can be a major challenge and lead to lengthy delays – with some specification projects taking months, if not years, to get right.

Keeping everyone safe

As code becomes increasingly complex, the true value lies in re-documenting it to de-mystify and fully understand the functionality. What previously could have taken months or years to specify appropriately can now be created and implemented in an offline environment quickly and without risk. 

Trinity’s award-winning safety software iDefine gets to the heart of the problem, tackling systems that work in start-up but not in running state, and vice versa.

Our four-phase approach to safety means we can accurately help clients to define, design, test and modify maintainable lifecycles for all their mission-critical systems. 

A software solution built by engineers - for engineers

To help the process industry overcome their challenges, Trinity has developed iDefine, a proven analytical software solution. There are four principal routes into what we term as a “maintainable life cycle”, each solving problems and addressing critical issues:

  1. To capture the functionality within the existing control platforms;
  2. To provide simplicity and clarity in the definition of requirements;
  3. To establish standardisation for organisations across the world; and
  4. To support decision making through process and safety modelling.

iDefine is the core component that enables clients to regain and retain up-to-date systems