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The safest way to design your engineering solutions

iDefine Life Cycle Management System

Safety Simplified

It’s well known most failures in safety instrumented systems happen during the requirements capture and design stages.

This isn’t surprising when documentation is often ambiguous and short on detail, and the complexity of real-time behaviour is difficult to assess. This becomes even more of an operational challenge for global companies that need to standardize their approach to safety.

Structured Safety

With iDefine, however, you have a powerful way of modelling multiple scenarios, allowing you to define, simulate and validate your project up front.

You also have a structured systematic approach to working – in line with Functional Safety Management requirements – with activities recorded in real-time, providing a clear audit trail of the design process.

Benefits at a glance

Reduce risk, time and costs

Compliant, repeatable and consistent design

Captures knowledge from technicians, operators, engineers and managers

Accurate way to reverse-engineer and upgrade existing control and safety systems

Define and ensure adherence to company procedures and safety standards

Accurate and inclusive software tools

Define and capture any new or existing application’s functional

requirements simply and quickly, ultimately, resulting in a safer system.

iDefine ensures a dynamic and inclusive approach to safety instrumented system design. One that everyone – technicians, operators, engineers and managers – can understand and contribute to.

iDefine can reduce engineering man-hours and life cycle management costs significantly, while reducing risk considerably.

Making compliance simple and straightforward

iDefine helps you achieve a compliant environment.

As well as reducing risk, and meeting time and cost milestones, you can use iDefine’s sophisticated automation modelling during the whole lifecycle of a safety project to define processes, procedures and safety documentation.

iDefine encapsulates many conventional manual activities used during a safety or life-cycle project.

So as well as completing many repetitive manual tasks automatically and compliantly, it frees users up to concentrate fully on developing the best engineering solution.

Improved productivity

iDefine makes more productive use of your people.


Requirements Capture

specify and develop project requirements and cross reference the latest information.

Plant Simulation Models

provide process models and animated visuals of process information and operator panels.

Document Generation

define, configure and generate project documents automatically, based on your company templates.

Detailed Application Engineering

State Analysis (SA) and Cause & Effect (CE) modules describe application behaviours and relationship between input and output variables. Typicals Editor creates logic diagrams and defines logic templates.

Integrated Test Framework

iDefine Viewers combines simulation models and module components in one framework for test and review. The Test Case Editor defines functional test cases and turns them into a script you can run in any iDefine emulation.

By using iDefine, project managers can typically run up to five projects compared to one managed using traditional methods. Plus, repeatedly using iDefine allows you to capture and build a library of best practice that you can re-use again and again.